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Dec 7, 2002
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Hey all,

Rather than obsess about my rank list any longer, I thought I'd try and think about something else. I've been looking around on Amazon and ACOG and a bunch of other random websites to get a consensus on what books I should read once I get to residency, and I thought I'd ask the people who are already in it. I know some of the big ones (Williams, Gabbe, TeLinde, Stenchever, and so forth), but which ones would you recommend? Did you go so far as to buy any of them? And what did you get before starting or early on that really helped you out?

Thanks in advance... :)


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Oct 10, 2005
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Here are my recommendations for books:
OB - Gabbe or Williams
Gyn - Te Lindes
Gyn Onc - DiSaia
REI - Speroff

You may want to wait to find out if your residency program provides you with these books (mine did) or if they give you funds because buying these books independently is a bit pricy.

As far as reading...first of all....enjoy the rest of your 4th year! Dont get too bogged down with reading just yet...there will be plenty of time for that.

What I did when I started residency was start reading the Compendium (a compilation of practice bulletin, committee opinions, etc published by ACOG). It gives you a lot of background info and answers a lot of management questions. I also have been reading more broad Ob/Gyn review books which I have supplemented with the texts above when time allows.

Diane L. Evans

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The oncologist has spoken
good texts I agree COmpendium is way to go. Also note that you'll get access to ACOG website and journals which have great review studies. I might also add that uptodate has been quite helpful. Some institutions also offer MD consult the nice thing about this is that Williams is referenced for free as well as some Onc texts
:) Diane
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Feb 17, 2007
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Ina May's Giude to Childbirth *it is a layman's book not a professional text but it is great if you want to know about "normal" non medically complicated childbirth. Since most of what you get taught about are the complications it is nice to know what normal childbirth is like, plus it is a good read. The first half is all positive childbirth stories written by mothers. The second half describes the stages of childbirth. The author is a well known midwife.


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Dec 12, 2006
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hye..that was of help...are there any pocket books for obgyn..which one are for operative gynecology??
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