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what are the most "least-regarded" rads programs...


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Dec 11, 2002
Dallas, TX
    ok this might sound like an akward question, but people definitely name top 5 and bottom five med schools. what would be the bottom 5-10 rads programs? is there such a thing? is it possible to go to a rads program with mostly FMG applicants or non-AOA status (obviously not a bad thing, but indicative of competitiveness for US applicants)?

    i hear some of the community programs, such as NYMC are not as tough???

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    Sep 24, 2004
      If you are looking for less-competitive places to apply to, you can do what a lot of rads applicants do: the shotgun approach. Just take a list of all the programs and mark off the top 20-30 programs and then apply to the rest.


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      May 7, 2004
        Look on the ACGME website, check each pgm and see if they are on probation. There are usually a few...these are definitely less competitive, though they still get a lot of applicants. Recently they have included Providence in Southfield Michigan, SUNY Buffalo.
        You can also lurk Aunt Minnie and get a flavor for pgms that have a less than stellar rep, but realize that posters give opinions, and are med students, so no real inside info - and some have an ulterior motive.
        Though it will take awhile, you can use the probation route. It is really the only objective (partially) out there.
        But as the previous poster said - if you are simply trying to enhance matching - apply to all but the top pgms (I'd skip at least the top 50 if you think you are a marginal candidate.)


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        Apr 23, 2004
        1. Attending Physician
          first off, the nymc program isn't a community program - westchester medical center is a university hospital. secondly, nymc sends between 15-30 students into radiology a year, so i would think that my classmates going into rads are fairly well clinically trained and prepared, and i think that has more than a little something to do with dr. rachlin, the rads prof at wmc.
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