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What are your plans for summer?


AT Stills Worst Nightmare
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Apr 25, 2002
Ft. Tulsadale
    I was just curious, now that the end of the first year is approaching for the classes of 2006, what some of you plan to do with the last summer off for the rest of your life.

    I plan on travelling a bit to check out the northwest for a possible future residency. And, if I get time in my busy sleep schedule, I'll try to really practice the clinical skills (blood pressures, eye exams etc) that I never have time to work on right now.

    Of course, this is under the assumption that I pass all my classes. :D


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    15+ Year Member
    Oct 8, 2001
    Tulsa, OK
      Fenrezz and DrMom, sounds like you guys have some good plans for the summer. I'm excited about this week we have off now, I can hardly imagine the whole summer off!!

      I'll be going to Costa Rica for awhile. I haven't made any reservations yet (hopefully I'll get that done this week), but I think I will stay about 9 weeks. The plan right now is to go to a language school with some side trips around Costa Rica.

      I also want to spend a little time at a ranch in Colorado. I just to get away from it all and have some time to center myself.

      Yay for summer!!:clap: :clap:
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      Dr JPH

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      Feb 4, 2000
      1. Resident [Any Field]
        Case of beer and a cigar...every day...on my girlfriend's balcony...while she goes to work.

        Learn to play golf.

        Work on the tan.

        Get back into my pre-med school workout routine.

        Maybe, juuuuust maybe, if I feel up to it...I will do some reading into OMT. Chapman's points and things like that.


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        Jul 5, 2001
        Norton Shores, MI
          I think I'll be doing the most exciting thing of all...STUDYING! Of course, I'm joking about it being exciting, but students at MSUCOM truly do have classes throughout the summer months. We get a week off in July and 3 weeks at the beginning of August, but plow right through otherwise! So, I'm sure I'll find time for pool lounging, trips to the beach, and lots of fun in the sun, however, I may need to bring "Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple" with me. Kidding...of course :) Have fun everyone!

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