What Bachelor's Degree You Get Matter?

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Feb 5, 2008
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For physical therapy grad school, does it really matter what you get your Bachelor's Degree in? I called one college, and they said as long as you had the pre-requisities done, they didn't care if I majored in basketweaving. So, if I did my pre-requisities and kept my GPA extremely high with an easy major like Recreation and Leisure Studies, would that be alright when I'm applying to physical therapy schools? Any help is appreciated.

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If you take a close look at pre-reqs for different schools, you may find it worth your time to go ahead and major in the sciences somehow. The science prereqs can really add up (credits), and the extra science courses (carefully selected) will only make you better prepared when you get to PT school. Also, think of how you would respond if asked in an interview, "Why did you choose the major that you did?" They'd like to hear the truth, and they'd prefer if the truth was not "It was the easiest major."

In my opinion, you would be wasting your time and money by majoring in something that is not contributing directly to your career goals. There are so many applicable options out there, I think you would be doing yourself a disservice to not choose one of them.
In addition, you should consider something that may serve you well should you decide to forego PT school. For example, my undergrad is in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, which would have allowed me to pursue cardiac/pulmonary rehab, personal training, exercise research or various graduate programs.
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Like a previous poster said I would consider choosing a science major or another major that may help you in the future. I don't think choosing just an easy major is the best. How are you going to answer questions when asked about why you earned your degree in that particular area?

I am majoring in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Motor Development. Maybe something like that would be an option for you. While you don't have to pick something in the science field, I think you should at least consider a major that you think will interest you.
It really doesn't matter when it comes to getting in. My class had several biology majors, three athletic training majors, a couple psychology majors and even one theater major. Like others have said, pick something you like. I was one of the athletic trainers, similar but different skill set.
It doesn't matter, but usually it's just easier to major in a science, so you get all the prereqs done and they count towards your undergrad degree. I majored in Ecology, so most of my science classes counted towards the prereqs. I had just had to take some extra classes like kinesiology, exercise science, etc..
Hi, It doesn't matter what you get your major in. But I think it will definitely help if you take some Allied Health classes. I know some people in my class didn't take 'human anatomy' and took 'general anatomy' and it was hard for them to grasp everything in a matter of 8-10 weeks. Good luck