Dec 12, 2010
Psychology Student

Been reading other posts and don't see any information on this question. Sorry if i missed.

I have a BA in Psych and debating on a masters program. I had been leaning towards MFT program, but read in another post that the MSW program offers more flexibility in the job market.

i just want to share what i'm thinking and if anyone has any feed back.

I have 4 years experience in Human/Social Services. Having said that, would it be overkill to obtain an MSW? I'm thinking that the MFT program would give me an added edge on being able to compete for jobs that require an MFT; while at the same time retaining the experience for jobs that may "prefer" an MSW. I guess you can say that i'm trying to focus on putting myself in a position that would allow for more employment options rather than what field or what population do i really want to work with. Maybe thats not good. But then again, there is so much overlap with both degrees.

Maybe i want to go for the MFT program and just want someone to reassure me that its the right choice. All opinions are welcome. Thanks everyone.