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Mar 12, 2013
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Greetings, hope this message finds you well. I am in need on advising on what to do and I look forward to your assistance.

I am originally from Ghana West Africa, where I spent the most part of my life and attended high school until I moved to the USA. I recently graduated college in May 2020 and took the MCAT on September 4. Unfortunately, the exam did not go well for me and I am willing to put in more effort and retake.

Before receiving my MCAT score, I applied to 20 schools and completed secondaries but not heard from any. (I believe this is due to my score).

I am unsure on what to do now, as deadlines for postbacc programs are long due. Also, a few people have told me that I do not need a postbacc but I just need to retake the MCAT and have significant improvement.

I am looking to retake the MCAT in January 2021.

Is it recommended I take a few courses at a 4 year college near me ? I have seen some upper level courses such as histology, virology, neurobiology. OR just focus on the MCAT ?

Major : Biology
Minor : Africana Studies

AMCAS Verified GPA
BCPM : 3.28 - 60 credit hours
All Other : 3.61 - 42 credit hours
Total GPA : 3.41 - 102 credit hours

September 4 MCAT score
: 493
C/P : 123
Cars : 121
Bio : 123
PS : 126

volunteer : 95
shadowing : 200
Hurricane distance relief volunteer : 200
Work experience (NY state intern) :2150
Research (study abroad) : 4000
To be competitive for MD schools, you will likely need a DIY post-bac, retake the MCAT and score 510+, and increase your clinical volunteer hours.

For DO, you need to retake the MCAT and score 505+ and increase your volunteer hours.


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Sep 28, 2009
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I think you have the right idea. post bacc with excellent performance and then an MCAT retake is likely to be your most probable route to success.
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