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Jul 13, 2011
B.S in Biological Sciences at University of Southern California

Schools I am going to apply too.
UC Irvine
(I have many more schools but these are my main schools)
*My top schools


Biology - 12
Physics - 13
Verbal - 10
Overall GPA: 3.83
Science GPA: 3.91

400 hours of researching at a children's hospital
2 months of shadowing a physician
2 years of being a receptionist at a pediatrician's office
150 hours of volunteering at a hospital
40 hours of volunteering non medical related
I am also part of 4 clubs at USC
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Sep 4, 2006
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Attending Physician
400 hours of research is about equal to a full-time summer's worth. That plus two academic year's worth of research would make you look appealing to strong research institutions (plus some posters/presentations, or even a publication). In additon, work on getting in a leadership experience. Everything else you've projected seems fine, though I'd encourage you to augment the nonmedical volunteering to appeal to more schools. Clubs don't help you much, BTW, unless they lead to leadership or community service, so join because you're interested and like the social outlet, not just to say you did. And get in some hobbies/spots/artistic endeavors, too, if you can.
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