What do you think of my stats?

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Mar 15, 2014
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Hello, I am a fourth year CAL state student

cGPA : 3.56 (low because I've worked two jobs my whole academic career)
MCAT : taking in April

1) one year in cal state lab , copper metabolism research
2) one year at USC, Huntington disease gene expression research

Medical experience:
1) 150 hours at hospital (CCE)
2) 100 shadowing hours with an OB/gyn

1) Vice President of undergraduate biology club (2yrs)
2) Church Choir (4 years)
3) Homeless relief (50 hours)
4) Church Sunday school teacher (2 years)
5) participated in many walks and cleanups

1) one year as sales associate
2) three years as a waitress
3) one more year as a waitress at a different restaurant
4) one year as a hostess
5) one year receptionist

LOR: I've developed a really great relationship with my PI's. So I'm confident with my LOR. Will also be receiving a committee letter from school.

Race: Asian/white

I know my ECs are horrible, but will medical admissions committee consider my employments ? I've been through a lot in my life and just have had no choice but work to support my mother.

What do you guys think of my chances?