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Dec 1, 2008
I am a non-traditional applicant. My UGPA: 3.30 as calculated by my school. 3.08 calculated by AMCAS. I am currently completing the pre-reqs as a post bacc student. If I complete the pre-reqs with a 4.0 my UGPA will be 3.26 AMCAS and BCPM will be 3.38. I also have a masters degree in human services with a 4.0 graduate gpa. I have been working for over two years as a case manager in a community health center in a rural/underserved area. I have other healthcare experience as well (CNA & EMT). I have extensive research experience in grad school including publications, and local, state, nationa, and international presentations. These are only the highlights. I have not taken the MCAT. I will not do so until next spring and I understand this is also a big factor. Thoughts?


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Apr 4, 2007
Your extracurriculars sound outstanding. It sounds like you'll have two to three years of straight A coursework (with the masters) by the time you apply, which helps to redeem your low GPA. Because you are nontraditional and older, I think it likely your application will get a close look, and that your GPA won't automatically disqualify you from further consideration. A good MCAT score will be important for you to prove that you "got" the prerequisite classes. A 34 would be nice, but if you are interested in continuing to work in rural/underserved areas and write about this in your personal statement, you will surely be accepted with a somewhat lower score. Possibly even a much lower score if you have a forgiving state school. I think the richness of your nontrad background will likely serve you well.
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