What does it mean to network with your top choice schools?

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Aug 14, 2020
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Title basically. How does one network with your top choice schools? What are the types of things you say? Where do you want to take the discussion with these individuals?

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"Networking" with schools is a term loosely applied to opportunities provided by schools to acquaint applicants with their strengths and culture. These are generally group events intended for general recruitment. Attending gives you information about them. It can provide a forum where you can get answers to questions regarding their process or your situation. It is not primarily intended to advance your individual candidacy.
Besides sending in a strong application that aligns with the school there is little you can do until offered an interview that improves odds of success. Conversely, there is plenty one can do to decrease the odds of an interview or acceptance!
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Hi OP. It is a little hard to "network" effectively for medical school admissions before receiving an interview. One of the easier ways to do this is to attend information sessions to learn about the medical programs that you are competitive for. Then you can use what you learned to emphasize why you are a good fit for the school at the interview. As we progress through the cycle, you can also mention you went to one of these sessions and what you learned/how you fit in by sending an LOI. The other effective way to network is to make a connection with a medical school faculty member who can vouch for you during the admissions cycle, but this would need to be initiated in advance of the interview cycle.
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