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    I graduated in May 2006. Took my Mcat in August 2006 even though I didn't feel prepared, big mistake, and ended up with a 23. I decided not to apply with that score. I then began a job at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia working as an assistant to the non-profit program Reach Out and Read, which is a program I had volunteered with in New York. I retook my MCAT in August 2007 and scored a 31. 9PS, 10BS, 12V. I applied in late October and didn't get my secondaries out til much later also a huge mistake. Because in addition to my non-profit job I started a job with Live Nation Philly and took Anatomy and Physiology I at my local university. I graduated with a GPA of 3.53. I got an A in my anatomy class. I'm currently waitlisted at UMDNJ newark and got rejected from everywhere else. With such short time before applications have to go out again I'm not sure I've done enough. I started working Saturday mornings at my doctor's office and I have my volunteer orientation at the Children's Hospital on Wednesday. I'll have a couple new recommendations too. I'll rewrite my personal statement even though I loved it the first time around. I want to apply early but since my volunteering probably won't start til mid-june can I even put it on my app? I've also lined up some shadowing time with a DO in June and July. Am I doing enough? When should I apply so that its still considered early?

    Ugh I just want to get in soo bad. Should I give up my music industry job, even though I really enjoy for the time being and try and find a full time medical related job?

    Any advice would be helpful.
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  3. berkshiredoc

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    broadly did you apply? That will be an important consideration this time. I think you can get your primary in by early/mid July and it should still be good; you will have begun your shadowing. It is also good you have new letters of recommendation. Make sure you complete secondaries as quickly as you can do them well. Your late application might have been the primary reason for your results this time. Your stats aren't spectacular, but they're in the ballpark, especially for NJMS with an early time frame.

    I am not one of those who believe that you must scrap your personal statement, especially if you loved it (have others seen it and loved it, also?) If it's really, really good, you can keep most of it but update/revise it.

    Lastly, I think you should keep the job you enjoy. Sanity is important. It's a long process, and being happy and calm ultimately leads to better essays and interviews, too, IMHO. Good Luck!

    PS--I assume you are still doing everything possible to follow up with NJMS and let them know they are your 1st choice
  4. arlingtondoc

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    Medical Student
    i would echo the early and broadly sentiment. a mix of state and private, md/do etc. but do it in a smart way. think about why you want to be a doctor, clinical medicine or research or both and apply to schools that have strong programs in that area. i say this because it may come up in an interview and being able to say you want to be a clinician so i cast a wide net at schools with a strong history of primary care/clinical excellence is better than saying i want to get in so i applied everywhere.

    as far as the personal statement, if it is really good than use it. i would try to update it though and i would recommend giving it to as many people as you can to read it, particularly docs and pre-med advisors since they often have plenty of experience with personal statements.

    if you juggle all the things you mentioned and still get the apps done than do it. if not and you are gonna drop some obligations keep the ones you like the most. forget about what the adcoms "want." you can never really guess what they will like the most and it pays to be happy over the long road ahead. keep in mind you have over a year to wait for school to start. that is a long time to do a job that you may not like just to boost resume purposes.

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