What email to use for research paper from old lab

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Sep 14, 2021
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Hi all, M1 here. My former research lab from before med school is submitting our papers to journals and I wanted to ask which email is more suitable to use in the submission. My undergrad email (which I can keep forever due to alumni privileges) or my current med school email? Since I left the lab, the institution that the lab is in took away my institutional email address. Of course, any future research I publish in med school would use my current school email, but I'm not sure about this situation. I've never published a paper before and would like advice. Thank you!

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I would just use your current email. I can’t really think of a situation where it would matter what email you use here.
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I'm an author on a few papers from before med school. Never really been contacted.

I'd advise using a professional gmail account you know you won't lose, just in-case. This means don't use your school email.
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I changed institutions for med school, residency, and fellowship. All my papers are published (from residency and fellowship) with my med school email because it's permanent--I don't have access to my residency email anymore, and would lose my fellowship/faculty email if I changed institutions.

You can always make a professional gmail account and use that email for everything.
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