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Jun 26, 2002
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Hi guys. My friends and family are invited to go to my white coat ceremony. What happens there and is it worth it for my parents/siblings to drive 500 miles for it? If it was on a friday or weekend it'd be coo, but it's in the middle of the week. Please give advice.


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Jun 6, 2001
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At my school it was kind of like a graduation ceremony, with a bunch of speakers and then every med student being called up by name and has their white coat put on by older med students and docs. The whole thing was done in about an hour. At my school, most people had their families come into town (it was on a saturday though, too) and spent the rest of the day going to dinner, showing the family around the med school, etc. My mom thought it was cool....I think she would have thought so even if it had been a five hour drive...but check with your school as to how much "pomp and circumstance" the ceremony is, and how many family members traditionally attend to let you and your family decide if they want to make the trek.


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Jun 4, 2001
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Mine was similar to Smurfette's. I think it's a worthy cause, but I've always been a stickler for nostalgia-inducing events. :D
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Aug 2, 2002
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Apr 5, 2000
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I had mine yesterday and it was very similar to what smurfette stated. about an hour and very nice and everybody's families were there.



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Oct 15, 2001
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I had mine yesterday as well. I liked it and thought it was worth having my parents drive 2 hours for it. But I don't think I would've asked friends to come to it.
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