What is in the future for my friends? [engaged, international]

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    I know of 2 people. One is in residency for pediatrics and another is a surgeon in Canada.

    The Canadian surgeon only did their fellowship in the USA, everything else in Canada, and is now practicing in Canada. They are engaged, so someone will eventually move to the other person's country. I do not know if the pediatrician is moving to Canada to work as a doctor or if the surgeon is coming to the states, but I am curious. Is it true that if the pediatrician were to become a doctor in Canada, they'd have to take 9 board exams total to work there? In addition to the USA exams, they'd need to do MCCEE, MCCQE Part 1, MCCQE Part 2, and the Canadian Residency board exam? Would it be easier for the Canadian to practice medicine in the USA? Would the Canadian have to do more board exams?

    I am asking out of curiosity on how difficult this situation would be because it sounds complicated.

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