What is the typical schedule of an anesthesiologist ? What is a day in your life ?

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To do what? Isn’t your case volume in the toilet? Why does less demand result in increased mid level autonomy?

Good question, but apparently it does. Surgical case volumes are way down. Not enough work to keep anesthesia busy at FTE hours. Lots of anesthesiologists sitting at home or working reduced hours and completely available should case loads increase. Hmmm, sure sounds like a great time for several state Governors and the VA to allow unsupervised CRNA practice with emergency executive orders! Most of these legislative declarations are appearing in non-COVID strained states and without any phrasing to imply this is a temporary or time restricted change. One must wonder what the justification is given the objectively decreased demand for anesthesia services right now... what prompted these changes to come about? Lobbying, plain and simple. The AANA has long out-maneuvered the ABA and sure has embraced the old adage to "never let a good crisis go to waste" when it comes to pushing their political agenda.

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