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What Material is NOT being tested on the MCAT this April???


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Jul 15, 2004
San Diego,Ca
    Does anyone know what material AAMC dropped this year for the April MCAT? I think once a year they post what material in the physical and biological sciences will be dropped for the upcoming mcat.

    does anyone know what is dropped this year, or where to find it?

    I know there is a print out of what IS covered, but as a i recall last year, the AAMC posted a page describing what wasnt covered (for example, last April i think some o chem stuff related to cyclic molecules were dropped.)

    if anyone can help, it would be GREATLY appreciated.



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    Apr 28, 2004
    1. Medical Student

      Three questions on DNA and genetics were added to the Biological Sciences section. In the biology portion of Biological Sciences, one new topic, "Molecular Biology: Eukaryotes," has been added. Note that this topic falls within the content typically covered in undergraduate introductory science courses. The three additional DNA and genetics questions are included under the topics, "Molecular Biology: Eukaryotes" and "Molecular Biology: DNA and Protein Synthesis."

      In the organic chemistry portion of Biological Sciences, the topics, "Oxygen Containing Compounds" and "Hydrocarbons" are reduced by a total of three questions. Under the topics, "Hydrocarbons" and "Oxygen Containing Compounds," sub topics Alkenes, Benzene, Phenols, and Ethers were deleted. Some questions may, however, refer to these sub topics. In such cases, relevant information on these sub topics will be provided.

      To ease time pressure, the Verbal Reasoning section is reduced by five questions. The total number of test passages remains the same, with the reduction occurring within some of the passages on the test. The time limit remains unchanged. The administration order is reversed for the Verbal Reasoning and Physical Sciences sections, so that Physical Sciences is the first section of the morning.
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