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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by tBw, Oct 17, 2001.

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    I posted the following in pre-Osteo but as most people there are just interviewing, not current students, not too many people knew the answers...I hope no one minds me re-posting it here to see if current students can give me some feedback...

    I am applying this spring and am most excited about Touro and CCOM but I asm also interested in PCOM and NOVA....however, this latter pair of schools both have required rural medicine rotations (I'm more interested in serving urban underserved...)

    1) Anyone from Touro or CCOM let me know if there are required rural med rotations there (I haven't found any looking at the web pages of either of these schools)

    2) Can any PCOM or NOVA interviewees/students let us know what is involved in the rural med rotations. I think they are 2 months and 3 months at those schools respectively. Do you go and
    live in a rural area to do these or commute? Where are they done? just trying to ensure my school applications reflect my real interests...

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    Worry about rotations when you're in. Remember that there are elective spots open for things you really want to do (urban med) and the rest will just make you a stronger physician.

    -MZ, PCOM 2003

    "It is necessary that a physician have availability, affability and ability, in that order." - Sir William Osler
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    Well, I've spent more time looking at rotation schedules and affiliations than I did in prepping for my MCAT (actually, I'm serious on that)... so here is my $0.02 on them...

    Third Year: Psych, Geriatrics, Family Medicine (Clinic), 3x Internal Medicine (true IM - no selectives/disciplines), OB/GYN, Peds (Ambulatory), Peds (Hosp), General Surgery.

    Fourth Year: EMed, Family Medicine (Preceptorship), 3 x Rural/Underserved, Surgery Selective, 5x electives

    Rural/underserved can be done in country settings or xxx-urban or even in a prison.

    3/5 electives must be in primary care or discpline. Disciplines include: (IM) intensve care, derm, endocrin, gastro, hem/onc, ID, neuro, nephro, radiology, rheum. (FP) OMM, Emed, geriatrics, family medicine.

    no more than 2 electives can be the same/similiar if non primary care.

    Third year: Peds, Cardio, FP, GP(selective), Int Med, OB/GYN, OMM, Psych, Radiology, Gen Surg, Selective, Elective
    Fourth Year: Emed, Int Med, 1x rural, 2x underserved (last 2 in PCOM clinics), Surgery selective, Medicine Sub-I, Community Medicine Selective (?), and 3x electives.

    Electives at PCOM are open - can also do multiple same/similiar electives.

    Not sure on the housing situ for either. Would make sense to have something, considering the quantity of students that go through them... Then again, well, just then again...

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    TUCOM 3rd year is 2 surgery, 2internal med, 2 family med as a 6 month core. Then peds psych, OB, and ER. That leaves 2 electives of any kind outside the system (or in) and one month of vacation. We don't have the requirements you asked about and if you are interested in the options available check out our match list from last year on the web site.

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