Apr 11, 2010
I am planning on applying for the upcoming cycle as early as possible (that means beginning of June... only a month and a half away) and am trying to decide what schools to apply to. I'm an AZ resident but would really like to go out of state if possible. I'd also love to stay on the West coast, but know most of the schools are difficult to get into. Any UC school or USC would be a dream =). Any thoughts on my chances out here or any recommendations on other schools to apply to?

-3.9 overall GPA, 3.78 science GPA

-Recently took MCAT and am awaiting scores. I have been averaging a 33 or 34 on practice tests, though I know this is sometimes not representative of reality

My EC's include:
-3,000+ hours (5 years) working in a community mentoring program where I meet kids from local high schools and hang out with them, plan events, take them to camp, etc. Kind of like a Big Brother/ Big Sister type deal
-started a new branch of the mentoring program at an urban high school and have led the program there and trained new team members for 3 years
-75 hours shadowing a general practitioner
-200 hours volunteering in an ED at a local hospital
-an internship 8 hrs a week (for which I was chosen from a big pool of applicants) at a hospital in which I follow shadow doctors and nurses in the ED and have direct patient contact. I'm sometimes allowed to do minor tasks such as EKGs or cleaning and bandaging wounds
-100 hours at a free clinic in downtown Phoenix serving underprivileged and uninsured patients. I get to directly treat some patients, prep them for procedures, run lab tests and also have worked in the pharmacy learning the drug classifications
-International volunteer work in Africa building, teaching and volunteering in an orphanage
-work on a military base for 3 months in Italy mentoring military children
-track coach at a middle school school for 2 years
-work 10 hrs a week (for 6 yrs) at a restaurant
-high school chemistry tutor
-various on campus organizations, including AMSA, 2 honors associations, etc
- I also have a full scholarship

I have no research experience, but I'm hoping all of my community work will be enough to compensate...
Sep 4, 2006
Inside the tesseract
Without a solid MCAT score and known subscores, speculating on schools to target is difficult. You also need to decide your preferences for weather, safety, urban vs less-populated area, curriculum type, cost, and distance from home.

Your prehealth advising office has a copy of the MSAR which has much of this information in it. Or you can buy one on line through AMCAS or Amazon.com. The newest version just got released.