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What should I do now?


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Dec 24, 2008
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Hi, I just graduated from doing my undergraduate... I have a horrible gpa (2.5), even lower bcpm. My problem was that during my junior and senior year of college, I saved all of my pre-med prerequisites for last (organic chem, physics, biochem, etc) and ended up having hard time graduating. I ended up taking a fifth year at school and tried to retake some courses, but taking organic chem with the same teacher only gave me the same bad grade all over again. On top of that, my mother became ill with breast cancer, so I was very emotionally preoccupied with that. Anyways, to help my financial situation, I am now working as a gradeschool teacher and deciding how to better my situation or if this situation can even be salvaged... can I still get into medical school? What can I do to better this situation? Considering my gpa, I am having tough time finding a graduate program where I can go and improve my gpa. I was thinking maybe take some extra science classes on the side at a local community college and then try to transition into graduate school or maybe even nursing...then trying to improve my gpa in that way and applying for medical school. I also wanted to retake my MCAT to improve my 31 score. Please help...what can I do...is there still hope? :confused:
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