what should my first job be in?

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    I am finishing nursing school and planning on doing a pre-med program at Mills college in Oakland. I am torn between working at a general medicine floor to see more Dx and Tx, or working on a neurology transitional floor where i learn more about neurology and technology and maybe have more interactions with doctors. what do you all think?
    and have any of you heard of mills pre-med program?

    nathan :eek:
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    I am also a new nurse and will be starting pre-med soon. A few suggestions to consider... Do what you are interested in. Do something challenging, and do something that gets you in contact with physicians. Personally I went to a Surgical Intensive Care Unit. I like it, it is a challenge, and it gives lots of contact with physicians. Also, I would suggest going to a teaching hospital that has lots of residents learning, you can learn right along side them and ask lots of questions.

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