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What should one look to get out of a fourth year externship?

Discussion in 'Veterinary' started by TheVetVetVetVet, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. TheVetVetVetVet

    TheVetVetVetVet 2+ Year Member

    Dec 14, 2010
    Hi All,

    A doctor has asked me what I want to get out of an 8 week small animal externship that I need to fill just prior to graduation. Other than knowing that I want to get lots of hands on doctoring and patient care, a few spay/neuters/minor surgeries, some ultrasound training, anyone have any suggestions of intelligent things to say/want??

    I want to be a community practice small animal/dogs/cats veterinarian.

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  3. dyachei

    dyachei vet robot pirate zombie Administrator Veterinarian 10+ Year Member

    Mar 9, 2007
    watching VCP relationships and communications?
  4. CalliopeDVM

    CalliopeDVM 7+ Year Member

    Nov 21, 2010
    Toronto, ON
    Client communication and record keeping (don't knock record keeping - it may be boring, but it is critically important). When I see new grads in practice, the two places I see them weakest are in talking with clients and in being efficient in their case management and record keeping. There's a lot of emphasis put on medicine and surgery in school, but you don't really have the ability in school to deal with clients - explaining options and plans and answering their questions. You could be terrific at treating medical problems or doing surgeries, but if you don't engender client confidence or if you don't explain things well to the client, all that good medicine and surgery is for naught.
  5. lailanni

    lailanni c/o 2012 Veterinarian 10+ Year Member

    Sep 11, 2007
    Good suggestions above. I'd add time management. Unlike the teaching hospital, you don't have all day to work up 1-3 cases. So learning how to juggle everything (writing up charts, calling owners, keeping up with incoming appointments, and not being so slow that you make your support staff late for lunch) is a skill that they don't teach you. You just have to sort of watch and pick it up as you gain experience.

    It's also handy if you're familiar with drugs commonly used in SA private practice. You get a range of stuff at school from a relatively large and well stocked pharmacy, it can be a bit different depending on the clinic you're at.

    I'm not sure if your clinic will do any house calls, but those are interesting to see. With SA community practice you might be in a situation where you euthanize a pet at home.
  6. WhtsThFrequency

    WhtsThFrequency Veterinarian 10+ Year Member

    Jan 18, 2006
    Agreed - client interaction, time management, record keeping, etc. By far the areas new grads are wobbly in.
  7. TheVetVetVetVet

    TheVetVetVetVet 2+ Year Member

    Dec 14, 2010
    Thanks guys. Good stuff.

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