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Aug 12, 2008
So, I had 2 interviews and still havent heard from any other schools. I was told in each interview they would like to see higher DAT scores, so I have been preparing for the exam again which is supposed to take place this monday.

I emailed the interviewer at one school to update him on my date and he suggested that I postpone my exam until January. I know that if I postpone until January I will get the scores that I want.

Since I am so close, should I just take it now? What if other schools cant wait till mid January....

....I dont know what to do. the thought of studying for a whole month is not exactly the way I would like to spend my time, but I am willing to put in the effort to increase my chances.

Any thoughts?


Nights Watchmen
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Jun 25, 2009
Sterling Hts, Mi
I don't think anyone in their right minds can tell YOU what to do. This is a huge step, and only you can make the right call.

Me personally, If I've spend the last few months studying hard, and I feel "ready".... I wouldn't postpone it, I would take it now. I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU DO THE SAME, I am just sharing what I would do.

Good luck to you buddy.
Apr 9, 2010
I might be able to offer up a suggestion depending on what your current scores are.

My assumption is that if they told you to hold off till January, they wanted to encourage ample studying time while also letting you know that they won't be reviewing your file till then. Will they accept a fax of your unofficial scores? It will take 2-4 weeks for the official scores to be received by AADSAS.