What to do when reapplying while on the waitlist

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Mar 12, 2003
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Hey guys, I am currently on the waitlist at a couple schools, and one said it could be until late summer until i hear from them. The problem was my app was late. I want to apply early this time, and was wondering if that will affect anything in their consideration, or will they take me off the waitlist?


p.s good luck with applying!

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Hi there! I was in your shoes last year. One waitlist, I'd sent every LOI and update letter possible, and I was looking at entering my data into AMCAS once again. (I may be wrong, but I think your data now carries over? I hope so, for your sake!) I applied really late the first year, and really early the second, and I had a lot more success this year. I don't think it will affect your standing on the WL, and really, it's the only thing to do. My one question is, how many WL are you on? Are any at schools who historically move through their WLs fast? I'd get ready to submit the AMCAS in June, but who knows what will happen after May 15?
I am in the same situation on 6 waitlists... :(