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Apr 18, 2010
What is the traditional practice to acceptance offers you are not sure of yet? I was accepted to a school that I (obviously) would go to, but I'd like to wait to see the decision of another school before actually committing. Should I click "accept", and then if I get accepted into the other, withdraw my acceptance (they say this is fine, no charge), or is it better manners to leave the acceptance hanging until you know?



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Mar 31, 2008
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Most schools give you a deadline (2 weeks or so) to "accept." Accepting doesn't commit you to the school, it just holds a spot for you in their class. You can hold as many acceptances as you get until May 15th. If you get into another school, and you know you'd go to that school over this one, then yes you can withdraw your acceptance. But many people hold onto more than one school so they can think about it and look at financial aid packages before making a final decision.