General What would be thought of as a good GPA for my freshman first quarter? Should I P/NP?

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Sep 28, 2009
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I'm an incoming freshman at a pretty good public school (University of Washington at Seattle), which tends to deflate grades (as do most of these schools). When registering for classes for summer quarter (was bored out of my mind at home), I made the mistake of registering for 3 challenging STEM Classes. For this reason, I don't my GPA will be all that great for this quarter. Should I P/NP it? But if I did, would it be seen as a 2.0 GPA?? This is my conundrum. I'll list the courses and grades I'll Probably be getting below:

Math: Calc 3: current grade 3.4 (B+), but most likely can boost to a 3.5-3.8 (A-)
Physics Calc Based Mech: Current GPA: 3.5 (A- on med school app). Not sure if i can get to an A
Bio, premed intro: Current GPA 2.9 (B for med school apps). This is the killer. I hope to get to an A-, and am sure I improved on the last exam by hopefully 15ish% from a C to an A- on the exam, but idk how much I can boost my grade. I think I'll end with a B or B+

so, B+/A, A- , B/B+

Thank you!! I'm also applying to research, and interviewing for some positions. I'm working hard and my grades are improving. the classes are p hard tho.

Getting above a 3.5 is generally considered to be a good pre-med GPA. That being said, I would aim for as many A's as you possibly can in the future. If you're taking a pre-requisite, I would not pass/fail it. However, if it is not a required pre-medical course, completely ok to P/F.

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Thanks to both of y'all! I think what I'm gathering is that any STEM classes (if this is what you mean by premed reqs) shudn't be P/Fd regardless of grades. My major concern was that a P would be seen as a C and that would harm me a lot, so I guess I won't P/F and will try to ace my finals to boost them to A's. Thanks!!

Not exactly. It is ok to make a STEM course p/f.

However, I would not make inorganic chemistry with lab, organic chemistry with lab, biology with lab, or physics with lab p/f as those are the basic pre-med courses and must be taken for letter grades.
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