Sep 4, 2015

I am going into my senior year undergrad at a UC. I am interested in a postbacc program and possibly just staying a 5th year with another major.

I have a 3.05 cGPA and sGPA of about 3.0.
Both of these will continue on a upward trend my senior year (freshman year was a 2.5 sophomore 3.3 junior 3.4).
I expect to end with a cGPA of ~3.2-3.3 and sGPA around 3.2 as well. I am taking the MCAT this year in January.

I have some research and volunteer experience in the hospital but will improve this Fall. Involved in a fraternity on campus and do a good amount of community service through it.

So I wanted to know what postbac options I should be looking at. Is it possible to not do a postbac and get in if I ace this next year and get a good MCAT? If I did do a postbacc I would want it to be at the best school possible for me to get into.

Thank you for the help!