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Apr 18, 2004
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Hi, I am graduating next month with an undergrad liberal arts degree, but recently I became very interested in veterinary medicine. I have researched all the prereqs that I would need to take to go to vet school and I began volunteering at an animal clinic (I love it!)
I have so many questions! I am really curious what a typical week in vet school is like? Is it just classes and studing 24/7... or do vet students have enough free time to spend some time with significant others, go to the gym, or go out dancing ever? I know it is a serious committment, but is it a miserable experience?
My family keeps telling me that vet school is harder than med school... i dont see how this could be, only that it is more difficult to get into vet school b/c of the low number of schools here in the US.
Well, I appreciate it if anyone reads this posting. I am just looking for some encouragement b/c I'm not really getting any from my family!


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Jul 10, 2002
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I'm a third year vet student at Cornell. I will say that vet school eats up a good portion of your time with studying and now that I've started clinical rotations, they take up even more time. But if you are a balanced person to begin with, you will be able to find and make time for other things in your life. I do see people who aren't as good at doing that. They seem to be overwhelmed at times. It was worse in the beginning (first year) Some people take longer than others. As far as vet school being harder than med school, I can't comment other than to say I personally think it's like comparing apples and oranges. They are two different things. It's hard, but not impossible. The volume of information is astounding at times, but people get through. I think being able to go to the gym or hang out with friends is very important. It helps make you a "normal" person, though most of the time you just talk about school or people in school anyway. It's mostly what you make of it. It's not impossible, people do it all the time! Good luck
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