When is it appropriate to contact schools regarding application status?

Oct 24, 2013
I applied to 8 schools and have received one rejection so far (MW-IL). I was fortunate to have 2 pre-december interviews, but I got wait listed at one school and haven't heard anything from the other.

Should I call the other schools I applied to and ask about the status of my application or just submit the academic update and wait? My sGPA is below average (DAT 22AA), but I finished this semester off with a very strong GPA that included 3 upper level science courses. I am waiting for one professor (for a gen ed course) to submit grades before I fill out the academic update, but I have the unofficial final grades for my sciences courses.


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May 5, 2012
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The sad truth is that you *can* contact them, but if all you do is ask them about the status of your application, they're probably going to tell you what you already know--that it's still under review.

However, what might be more beneficial is to send each of them a nice e-mail expressing your sincere interest in their respective programs. Along with this, include a list of pertinent updates to your file (volunteering, work, etc) and ask if they could please be added to your file. The worst they could do is not add them! This shows interest, and having the added info might help your application.