When is it appropriate to update a school on your grades?


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Dec 24, 2012
my GPA increased slightly after this semester but I am in the post-interview but pre-decision stage for my schools. Is it inappropriate to shoot them an e-mail updating them on a *slight* increase in GPA? If it matters it puts me over a threshold to another 0.1 range


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Sep 4, 2006
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Even if you send your schools an official transcript, they aren't going to do an AMCAS-esque recalculation. IMO you'd make more impact including fall grade information in a general update letter, along the lines of I earned a 3.7x GPA during the fall 2013 school term, including such classes as (mention med school relevant coursework here, eg Anatomy, Physiology, Immunology, etc). No need to bring up a B in English Lit or an A in Aquarium Ecology of the African Angel Fish.
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