When is the best time for shadowing and volunteering



When do you guys do your volunteering and shadowing??? You do it during the school year or do you get it done in summer??? Also what is process of volunteering and shadowing, what do you do to get both done??


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Do it when you can. I did my hospital volunteering during the school year on days when I hate late classes (when into the ER from 6-10am). It sucks, but just suck it up and knock it out. If you can get an internship or something like that at a hospital for the summer, you're golden.
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May 24, 2010
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Did most of it during the semester, although it was hard to mesh the doctor's and my schedules. One doctor only had two available times one this coming Monday and the other a month later.

This Monday is final's week. I have a final every day.

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