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When should I take the MCAT?


New Member
May 12, 2020
I’m currently a third year pre med student. I have taken most of the classes necessary to be ready to take the MCAT, I will be ready by the end of the winter 2021 semester. I have also started studying already, when should I take the MCAT? Should I wait until I graduate in 2022? Or take it next year after I complete my junior year?


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Mar 30, 2014
  1. Medical Student
Whenever you are ready. Ready means you have completed all the necessary classes. Ready means you have cleared your plate to focus on the MCAT. Ready means your practice AAMC mcat scores are near/above your target score.

As for which year you take your MCAT in, it really doesn't matter except that your scores have a finite period for which they are acceptable. If you plan to take a gap year before applying, then that should factor in your equation.
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