When should I take the MCAT?

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Jul 23, 2002
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Okay, first let me say that I finished high school a year early, so I am in no rush to take the MCAT, and I would rather take my time; however, I do not know when the best time to take the MCAT wil be.

I am technically classified as a sophomore, and I am finishing chemistry right now. I am taking Physics this summer. The fall of next year (junior year) I am going to take Bio and OChem Semesters 1, and in the spring I will take Bio and OChem Semester 2. Since I am ahead, should I try to take the MCAT that April or wait until August or even next April?

I could take at least 2 more advanced science classes, so that would probably help me. I talked to my pre-med advisor, but she didn't know anything from David, so I am asking for all of your advice.

Thanks in advance,

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If your taking a year off after you graduate college take it the april right before graduation or august right after graduation. If you want to go right into med school take it the year before you graduate in april or of course anytime before that
I would not take the MCAT early. Advanced science classes WILL help you despite what other people might say, and if you take it early and decide to do something interesting between undergrad and med school (work, research, Peace Corps, whatever), your MCATs will have expired. Almost all schools require you to have taken the MCAT within three years of application. I suggest doing something non-school for a year or two, especially since you've got the extra time. I think it's good to have a break from school, and it will help you stand out during the admissions process. Good luck!
I was in an almost identical situation. I decided to take it the summer after my sophomore year and did just fine. Looking back, I don't see how I could have done so well had I taken it the following spring, with both work and school. Try to take it the previous summer I would say, at least that way you can take it again the spring of your junior year if you're not satisfied with your results.

Oh yeah, this is assuming you're going to apply within a year of graduation (or before).