When to rotate through a program of interest

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May 13, 2002
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I am working on setting up my 4th year rotations. I plan on going into OB/GYN. I am allowed two fourth year rotations in this field. I was wondering by what point in my fourth year I should complete these.
As of right now, I want to do some IM before my boards as my program was very week in this area. I also would like to do an FP (also required) with good OB/GYN experience to brush up on it since OB/GYN was my first rotation of 3rd year.
I plan on doing OB/GYN from 8/30-9/24 and 10/25-11/19.
Any thoughts on this plan. Is it early enough.
I go to a DO school, and they give us no information as to applying to ACGME programs.
PS any thoughts of DO friendly OB/GYN programs?

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Sep 24, 2002
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Your Oct-Nov date is perfect as it will more than likely get you a "courtesy" interview since you'll be at the institution anyway. The september one is a little early for interviews but if you stand out, you can get your interview and pick of the date. I did my sub-I in sept and they gave me an interview even though the interview season had officially not started.

As for D.O. friendly OB programs, check the old threads (might have to go as far as 3-4 months ago) as there were discussions regarding that exact issue.

Good luck!