Jul 15, 2013
Hi guys I have a question! I am currently prepping myself To take the dats but when do u think would be the best month to do so ? I can't seem to find the dates of the exam, not sure is it after u pay the dat fee? Do u get a list of dates after you pay or is there another site when a list is listed ? I'm a bit lost. Help lol:) Thanxs
Jul 18, 2013
Where I took it, I could pretty much take it any day of the week. True, the best month to take it is when you feel prepared, but to give you an actual answer, I would say early June is optimal if you are ready. That will give you the best chance of being submitted early on in the process, which is super important. I took mine June 22nd and I am glad I didn't take it any later. I would plan on anywhere from 1.5 to 3 months of hard studying (8 hrs per day basically) to be prepared. That will vary depending on the person of course, but just to give you a general time frame of what to shoot for.