When to take practice tests?

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I am currently doing content review and set to finish reviewing in a few weeks.. did my first practice test recently and it turned out okay but set me back in terms of content review.

Should I take another one soon to keep getting acclimated to the "test" or focus on catching up with content review? My prep company is advising to take the 2nd one this week but I don't feel that I have fully reviewed my errors on previous practice passages enough. Would this be a worthless second attempt?


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Sep 4, 2016
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I don't think you need to do practice tests back to back. Space them out a bit. Make sure that you fully understand why you missed problems. They may be advising you to take a 2nd test shortly after the first to build stamina. Whenever you study I'd recommend doing multiple practice passages(Khan academy for example) for an extended period of time in addition to content review. Not only will this help get you out of the monotony of studying from a book, but also build up the endurance needed.