Where Are My Temple Classmates?!?!?!

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Dec 31, 2004
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Hey all my future classmates!!! Did everyone buy their bullet proof vests?? Are you guys ready to dodge them bullets?!? All I have is iron-clad armor, I think I need to go back for some more...JUST KIDDING!!!!! I've gotten a lot of "ur getting shot" from everyone...so I just decided to join in. Where is everyone living? Did u guys start collecting teefs? :)

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WASSUP Smiley, I'm looking towards a place in Roxbourgh :thumbup:, seems like most of the dental and other health science students live around this neighborhood. I have like 25 teeth so far :( , so if you see any gun shot wound victims, maybe we should start clinical two years early and extract some teeth, they won't be needing them :idea:

i will be in Roxborough. That whole area looked pretty nice to me and "safe"
i am moving end of June, it is going to cost me hella money to start furnishing it.
so far 0 teeth collected.
dont kill yourself trying to get teeth guys.....I forgot to collect teeth and there was more than enough to go around.....all u do is use the teeth to practice drilling for now.....nothing more......

By the way, Roxborough is very nice and yes, VERY SAFE and active. I love this neighbourhood so much! Its extremely peaceful!! Its pretty nice to be able to look out your living room window at forest, and all kinds of nature all the time.

However, if you guys want more hectic, city life, try the city centre! Some of my classmates ahve been getting great deals down there lately! Right in the heart of the action!