Where are our bases...NAVY/USAF


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Nov 5, 2005
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    Does anyone know if we the U.S. currently hold any NAVY bases in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium?

    I'm refering to bases outside of the U.S. (North America).

    I see USAF bases, but none that are NAVY.. If you're a NAVY doc can you end up in France, or Germany? I mean you're not true navy navy, you're a medical physician.

    I see spain, balkans, south korea, japan, portugal... but, none of the listed above....

    So in conclusion do we have any NAVY bases in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany??

    Thanks..in advance.



    Can we be in the NAVY and end up on a USAF or ARMY base such as Ramstien Germany?

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    May 23, 2006
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      I was in Rota, Spain for 3 years. Very cool place to live for a while. San Diego (all of the bases there are pretty good); Bremerton, WA; New Brunswick, ME.

      Basically, the Navy owns some of the best real estate in the world. The hospital in San Diego in Balboa Park, 5 mins from downtown and 1 minute from the zoo.

      However, the Navy also supports the marines. I don't know how you feel about Camp Lejeune and Parris Island, but I'd rather stay on the West Coast.


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      Nov 13, 2004
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        I had to be interviewed for the HPSP Navy program and my interview was with a Navy dentist that was stationed in Brazil, claimed it was the best place in all the Navy to be at. Anyone been there? I imagine its pretty crazy with the partying and all, but does a Navy dentist really have time for that? He mentioned working on sailors after they returned from bar brawls...kinda made me second guess my reasons for entering heh.


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        Jun 23, 2003
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          I'm not speaking from experience but from research. You won't find any navy ports in landlocked countries. You will find Marine Corps camps/bases/depots/whatever they call them in these areas. I don't know of any foreign Marine Corps bases other than Okinawa. Keep in mind you can be stationed at a Naval port, on a ship, or at a Marine base.

          Germany is mostly Army/AF. I don't think we have anything left in France.

          I had a list of them all after I talked to the Navy HPSP guys. I no longer have this info, but from memory:

          Ok I found a general list of Navy Ports of Call. There are some smaller ports too, such as Kings Bay, GA. These are the "biggies" I guess.

          Pearl Harbor, HI
          Norfolk, VA
          Pensacola, FL

          Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
          Rota, Spain
          Naples, Italy
          Alexandria, Egypt
          St Petersburg, Russia
          Hong Kong, China
          Sydney, Australia


          Here's a list with all of them I think: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/port.htm

          This is the main link, where you can view all services' facilities.

          With regard to base rankings, the general consensus I have seen on here:
          Navy has the best stations
          Army is hit or miss.
          Air Force is usually in BFE
          Marine Corps, I don't know any other than Lejeune and Parris Island.
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