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Jan 29, 2008
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So from what I'm aware of, there are 6 full length Kaplan exams plus some additional subject exams?

I have the Kaplan blue book and it has a full length exam at the end of the book plus it says that I can find one online. Is the online one it is talking about the free practice exam that is found online?

So I'm wondering where I find these mystical 6 full length exams. Does this require me to get the course or can I just straight out buy them from Kaplan? Or another SDN member for that matter.



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Nov 6, 2009
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I was wondering the same thing.

I think the KBB online exam is the free one (that's the only one I could find); it's pretty lame because it has abbreviated sections.

If you want all the Kaplan exams, I think you have to register for the Kaplan class, which is not only expensive, but, in my opinion, useless :(

Look into buying the Achiever and TopScore tests, if you hadn't already.


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Jun 23, 2007
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The tests are from the class or online class. Some people have the pdf version of it and resell it illegally to many different people just by e-mailing it to them.

The thing is some guy was trying to sell it for like $150... for 6 tests. Who knows how many people he tries selling it to.

Anyway for $150 obviously I didn't buy it. What a rip-off.
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