Dec 16, 2010
Medical Student
I am a 4th year medical school and I am looking for a residency in Family Medicine. I have interviewed at Spartanburg SC, Wilmington NC, Danville VA, Fayetteville NC, ROme GA, Columbus GA, and a handful of other places in West VA and VA and FL. Has anyone heard what the DO progams are like at these places. I have only rotated at a few of these hospitals. A fellow student told me they were closing the DO program at Floyd... Can anyone verify this info. I also heard that Spartanburg is in between directors and nobody can tell me when there will be one there since the Current DO director is going to be running the school. I want to do full spectrum family medicine and the unopposed programs are where it's at for me. Any Residents at any of the places that can help me. The one's I listed are my top choices. I want to stay in the South. I am originally from Southern VA but i don't mind traveling. Can anyone help me out with this...