Where should I apply and what to do until then?

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Dec 24, 2014
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I am a junior at the University of Kansas, just took the DAT, bought the latest Official Guide to Dental Schools and will be applying this June. There are no dental schools in Kansas but a couple neighboring schools do save a handful of spots for Kansans.

DAT Score Breakdown
PAT - 24
QR - 30
RC - 20
Bio - 19
GC - 20
OC - 21
TS - 19
AA - 22


- Worked in biology professor's lab for a summer and a semester
- Teaching assistant for same professor
- Helped structure a new organismal biology course layout for same professor
- Army ROTC
- Will be going to Kenya this summer for a medical missions trip (this will be after applying to school)
- ~60 hrs shadowing experience (general dentists, an orthodontist and an oral surgeon)
- About three various volunteer events

Extracurricular Activities
- Jujitsu club
- Church/Bible studies throughout the week
- Lots of additional events through the ROTC
- Pre-dental clubs at my school and University of Kansas City Missouri

My pre-health advisor on campus suggested to focus on getting more shadowing experience this semester.

My main questions for all of you are...
1) Where should I apply? I don't really care which school I would go to, I just want to get accepted somewhere.
2) What should I do until I apply this June to improve my resumé?

Any advice is welcome. Thank you.