Medical Where should I apply if I have to reapply?

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    I am a re-applicant. I applied this cycle, but probably shouldn't have. I am currently on the waitlist at TCOM.

    Texas resident. White female. Non-traditional student.
    Undergrad GPA: 3.25. Biomedical Science major at Texas A&M, graduated in 2017. Didn't apply myself at all, but thankfully did a lot of volunteering/leadership.
    UNTHSC Medical Masters program GPA: currently have a 3.85, but I am pretty sure I will finish with 3.9 [so far, so good]
    MCAT: 506
    Worked as a medical assistant/scribe for 2 years in family medicine and then in dermatology.
    Shadowed an orthopedic surgeon for about 20 hrs, hospital volunteer for 3 years, medical mission trip in Panama, and lots of non-healthcare volunteering.
    I also have a lot of non-healthcare work experience.
    I haven't done any research, but I suppose I could with UNTHSC if necessary.

    Is there anything I can do to be more competitive for Texas MD schools besides retake MCAT? Do you think I even have a shot?

    Part of me says don't give up hope on TCOM. If you get an offer, will you go?

    Often schools could be wary of accepting anyone without a more complete transcript of master's coursework (30 hours verified with grades). It's possible if you stay near 3.8-3.9 for your master's GPA and if you have to apply for next cycle, an early TMDSAS application could give you better responses. It's hard to say without insight into your references and your essays. How much non-healthcare work experience do you have? Where did you grow up in Texas?
    I worked as a swim instructor for 10 years part-time. I taught swim lessons after working a full day in clinic. I worked as a camp counselor as well one summer in college. I have had lots of counseling jobs - kids in an underserved area and freshman coming into A&M. My rec letters are from MDs I worked for and one from the dean of the program I am in right now.

    I am from Austin, Tx. I definitely think my problems this cycle were because I applied late and my MCAT was also very late.

    I will accept TCOM if I am accepted definitely, but I would like to be prepared just in case.


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    Honestly, the only TX MD schools I think you have a chance for would be TCU/UNT and maybe UTxSA.

    Get in tons of service to Hispanic or other underserved communities and then maybe UTxRV, the Tx Techs, and UT-G might get on the radar, Chances will be best with Do schools, in TX and out.

    Retake the MCAT and score > 513 and more of the UT's come into play.
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