Medical Where should I apply with High GPA but Low MCAT?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Hello! Wondering if I could get some advice on what to do/where to apply for this upcoming cycle. I have a pretty strong GPA, but low MCAT. I'm applying MD and DO, but would prefer to go MD. I feel like I'm the only person who has a high GPA and low MCAT, HELP!
  • Major: Exercise Physiology
    • cGPA: 3.80
    • sGPA: 3.74
  • MCAT: 504
  • Florida residency, medically underserved area and I want to practice primary care underserved
  • White
  • Undergrad: University of Florida
  • Clinical experience
    • Orthopedic clinic rehab intern (520 hours)
    • Patient experience intern (225 hours)
    • Clinical representative for internal medicine office (300 hours)
  • Research experience and productivity
    • Electrochemical lab (700 hours)
      • 3 posters
      • 2 national recognitions for outstanding research
      • 1 publication, 1 pending publication
    • Research thesis on electrical stimulation treatment for stroke
      • 1 pending publication
  • Shadowing experience and specialties represented
    • Ophthalmology (80 hours)
    • Internal Medicine (300 hours)
    • Orthopedic (48 hours)
  • Non-clinical volunteering
    • Instructor or required course for freshman experience (200 hours)
    • Inventor of breast cancer pillows for patients (500 hours)
    • Gear coordinator for sorority (100 hours)
  • Relevant honors or awards
    • Honors Thesis (Summa)
    • Full scholarship awardee
    • Outstanding presentation (twice) at national chemistry conference
  • LOR
    • 2 LOR science professors (1 from honors thesis advisor), 1 LOR from physician I shadowed, 1 LOR from professor I researched with, 1 LOR from director hospital who runs Patient Experience internship
You are good to go for DO schools right now.

Your chances of acceptance to MD based on the data is ~40%-45% based on your MCAT/GPA. The rest of your application looks great.

You obviously are aware your MCAT is low for MD schools. If you for sure want to have a good chance at MD, I would retake your MCAT. If you got it up to ~510, your chances go up to about 75%. It all depends on what you want to do and if you want to spend that extra time to retake the MCAT.

If you don't want to retake, I would apply to 50%-75% DO schools and throw in your state MD schools.


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Jun 11, 2010
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As BoneDoc, said, you're fine for DO right now. Chances for MD are weak. The stats my learned colleague quote are more nuanced, because you can't go on the national odds, but how your stats compare to each school. Your 504 is well below the 10th %iles for nearly all MD schools.

I suggest:
Temple (maybe)
SLU (maybe)
WVU if from the Appalachians
Oakland U Beaumont
Wayne State
Loma Linda (only if you are SDA or a very devout Christian)
Rosy Franklin
Uniformed Services University/Hebert (just be aware of the military service commitment)
Your state school(s).

Any DO school. I can't recommend Nova, Wm Carey, BCOM, ICOM and LUCOM, for different reasons. MSUCOM? Read up on Larry Nasser and you decide. LMU has an accreditation warning, which concerns me. CUHS is too new and appears to be too limited in rotations sites. UIW refuses to post their Boards scores, which is fishy.
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