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Jul 9, 2009
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Dear Colleagues,

I have a friend of mind who is doing now an observership in U.S. He is done from USMLE step 1 and 2, but didn't apply for the match as he would like to get a research fellowship to help him better getting high chances of getting a university hospital surgery match. In fact, he needs to do CT surgery and he got 2 ''potential'' chances in 2 ''famous'' hospitals. One research in CT surgery and the other in minimally invasive vascular surgery. However, one in a really good city, in terms of recreation, and the other in a small ''dead'' one. He asked me couple questions that I would like to review with you please:

1: What he should go with, the ''well known'' hospital at expense of being in a small ''dead city''? or to less famous ''yet famous'' university hospital in a well know big city'' and why?

2: He won't would like to apply for 2011 surgery match, and that time he will be 5 years from graduation. So, is it better for him to apply this year without research, publications, presentations,,,etc, or get these privileges and apply 2011 match? I mean which is more important, years since graduation or research experience, in terms of acceptance to G. surgery then CT surgery later ?

Thanks in advance.
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