Which physics lab TA to take?

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Feb 14, 2013
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So I am in a dilemma with choosing my physics lab for this spring. I have 2 choices on different campuses in my university.

The first TA on campus A is really bad and has horrible reviews on the fact that he teaches badly and is very inconsistent in grading. Will take points off one persons work but not another. His ratings say that nobody gets an A due to his bad grading, most people get a B. But, the physics lab on campus A is easy because you only have to write 2 reports and take a 2 question quiz in the start of lab. Little work outside of class.

The second TA at Campus B has good reviews. He is helpful and also a very fair grader but the lab at Campus B is a lot more work than Campus A. Individual lab reports are due weekly for a total of 12 overall and pre-labs in the beggining of each lab. But, grading distrubutuons on myedu show that 90% of the class gets an A.

So being that my physics lab is only 1 credit, do I endure through the bad TA with the little work and get a B or do a lot more work with the good TA for an A? My best friend says she would rather take the easy lab with the bad TA. Thanks for any advice.

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Ask people around about the lab reports for the second TA, physics lab reports at my school were relatively easy, only about 4 pages. I would take the second TA if it were me. I would rather do more work for the A than have a terrible TA.
I'd go for the A if possible. Unless the 2nd lab requires absolutely insurmountable lab reports (which I highly doubt), you should strive to get the better grade if possible.

Also, I would imagine that the TA for in lab 2 is much more personable and willing to help you out if you'd need any assistance.