Which post-bacc program would best fit my situation?

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Aug 19, 2015
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Hey guys, I'm just a little confused about finding the right post bacc program and would truly appreciate your help.

I'm 23 and graduated in May 2014 with a 2.9 cumulative GPA. I am passionate and determined my dream to attend dental school.

Below are the science courses I have already taken (along with the grades) during undergrad:

1. Gen Chem I - A-
2. Gen Chem I LAB - B+
3. Gen Chem II - B+
4. Gen Chem II Lab - B-
5. Bio I w/ Lab - B+
6. Bio II w/ Lab- B-
7. Orgo I - D
8. Genetics - D
9. Physiology - B-

From my research, I'm aware of 2 types of post-bacc programs:
1. Career changers (Candidates with zero to minimal science courses taken)
2. Academic Enhancers (Those who have already completed their pre-requisites in undergrad, but hope to simply enhance their GPA)

Having already received my bachelor's degree in Biobehavioral Health and missing 2 pre-requisite courses (Organic Chemistry and Physics), which post-bacc program would best fit my situation?

Option #1: Apply for a formal post-bacc, in the goal of retaking previously taken pre-requisite courses and also fulfilling my remaining 2 pre-requisite courses.

Option #2: Take the remaining two pre-requisite courses (Orgo and Physics) at a local university as a non-matriculant student, then apply for an academic enhancer post-bacc program?

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I'm currently in similar situation, where my GPA is pretty low (barely 3.0), but currently applying to post-bacc programs.

Looking at your records, I think post-bacc masters/SMP is way to go since you took considerable amount of science class and your GPA is on the low side.

Since spring semester of universities have already started, it would seem impossible to do those pre-requisite courses before any post baccs starting this Fall.

What is your DAT score? with adequately high DAT score, you can possibly get into post bacc programs even if your GPA is sub 3.0.

If you haven't taken your DAT score, I would suggest you study and schedule to take them within 2-3 months.
Hey, thanks for your reply Dio Ether. Given my situation, I figured it would make more sense to first complete my remaining prerequisites, then apply for a post-bacc masters. It just SUCKS that it's gonna take longer! AGH! HAHA