Which practice tests are the best?

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Jul 29, 2013
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Im retesting in July, and need to get back into the mcat prep mode. I had paid for the Kaplan course this past fall and used those practices tests + the 3 aamc practice tests prior to testing in March. Now that I no longer have access to the Kaplan tests. I'm wondering which practice tests would be best to use for prep going forward.


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Good afternoon @KEJ and thank you for your question. I won't characterize any of the third-party exams as good or bad, but I would like to dive into what you can expect from Next Step Full Length Exams!

All of the exams were written and thoroughly reviewed by people with decades of combined experience in MCAT preparation. All of these people also scored very highly on the MCAT itself, so they were well aware of how the exam was structured and how concepts were tested.

We are very proud of the effort that was put into creating our answer explanations for the practice exams. Each answer explanation is thorough and they include extra background information in addition to the answer explanation to ensure that you completely understand the topic that is being tested. We also give references to where the content information can be found in our Next Step Prep books, so that you can quickly find further information if necessary and truly streamline your studying!

We believe that our exams are very representative of the actual MCAT and using them in conjunction with AAMC material will really help to cover the topics that will be tested on the MCAT.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out!