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  1. A

    MD & DO Interested in Oncology/Radiation Oncology and want residency application tips?

    Medical students interested in radiation oncology careers as well as medical and surgical oncology, are invited to participate in an upcoming webinar featuring Dr. Neha Vapiwala of the University of Pennsylvania. The program will be held on Wednesday, April 17 from 3-4 p.m. Eastern Time. After...
  2. @

    12+ Interviews and No Match or SOAP, How to strengthen application for next cycle?

    Hey Guys, Congrats to all those who Matched Monday and will find out where tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky. I had 12+ Interviews and all went GREAT (or so I thought) and ranked every single one but no luck. My stats are as follows: Osteopathic Medical Student Step 1: 218 COMLEX 1...
  3. bostoncollegemgh

    Chances for Ortho Match?

    I just want to hear from the normal people on this who have applied or are applying and NOT the top candidates who don't get the struggle (respect and all but that's just not me)... Be brutal if it's the truth. My weakness is grades. I can network the hell out of anything but shelfs/USMLEs are...
  4. B

    How many residencies is too many to apply to?

    So I may not be the strongest applicant. 2.8 GPA, no super big leadership position, just one small position. No research. No publications at the moment, I have something that is set to be published at some point according to my preceptor for that rotation, but she didn't give me any time frame...
  5. adrenalinejunkie

    Student Representative for _OMA?

    How beneficial is it (on residency apps, etc) is it to be the student representative/liaison for your state's osteopathic medical association? One of our upperclassmen asked me if I would be interested in being the rep next year and while I know it would be a great opportunity to network, I'm...
  6. R

    How Residency Admissions Committees Choose Their Applicants and Do Boards Scores Matter?

    Preface: I am a radiology attending who has been on residency and medical school admission committees. In short, Yes, boards scores matter. They 100% matter even though they shouldn’t matter as much as they do. The scores are well known by admissions committees to not be reflective of who will...
  7. A

    Question about competitiveness

    So, question for all you wise ones out there :) So, when I took step 1, I didn't do as well as I would have liked. Scored a 227. I'd say I'm about a mid tier applicant overall (and kinda seems to be the advice my advisor has been giving me). So I studied hard on step 2 and was able to score a...
  8. neuroguy91

    ALL Neurosurgery Residency Programs Compared

    Hello all, I've created this resource and thought it worth sharing with all of you as a guide to help people decide what residency programs within neurosurgery they may be most interested in and want to apply to; please see the attached. I'll also go through what each category is / how I...
  9. G

    How does my application measure up?

    Hi all. I am curious as to what residents/attendings think of my chances to go to a top 15 or 20 program in anesthesia. Here is a snapshot of my resume. Top 1/2 of my class. School is middle of the road from the Midwest. Step 1: 231 Step 2: TBD Research: 1 project with 3 pubs, but not...
  10. B

    Bioethics research on residency apps?

    Background: I’m an undergrad accepted to a “reserved seat” program at a Midwestern medical school. I’ll matriculate in August 2019. During my time in undergrad, I’ve had some very negative experiences with science research that make me very hesitant about getting involved with it again during...
  11. D

    Competitive applicant for EM residency

    So I'm an OMS-1, still interested in pursuing a residency spot in EM. I know Step 1 scores are #1 priority, but given that I'm a DO student and the upcoming merger is pretty much eliminating most AOA-associated EM residency spots, what else can I do to set myself apart from other applicants...
  12. Kavity

    Pedo vs OMFS

    It's almost time for residency apps, and after rotating through peds and OMFS, I feel extremely torn. I really liked both specialties for completely different reasons, but I don't really have any info on either as far as admissions stats go. Does anyone have any info about requirements/which...
  13. N

    Orthodontics Residency question

    Hi All, I am an international dentist that would like yo apply to Orthodontic Residency in a couple of years. I will like to know any suggestions about improving my CV to be accept. First, I don't have the best grades in dental school, in my country is until 20pts (A+) and I have 15.85 (I...
  14. M

    Which programs can I apply to?

    Hi everyone, Since applications are opening up soon, I was wondering what types of programs I would be competitive for. Coming from a non-academic program, its hard to know what I should/should not apply to. I'm trying to stay in the SE, but am very open to location. My scores are: step 1 230...
  15. OdysseusMD

    ERAS 2018 formatting

    Hey guys, My question has been asked a lot in the past but no one is really sure what the right answer is, so here goes: Can we use bulletpoints in ERAS (eg for experiences, awards, memberships etc)? Thanks
  16. LizardQueen

    Depressed IMG - chances of getting into residency program?

    Hey guys, I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible. Basically I'm a first year medical student who is studying outside of the UK (my home country) and I intend to apply to the US in the future for residency programs. Now, I want to clarify that I haven't been officially diagnosed with...
  17. C

    Re-applying through the match

    Hi y'all, I completed 2 years of OB/GYN residency in good standing. Was let go because I did not pass USMLE Step 3 within the allotted three attempts here in Texas. Had family issues at the time, and once I settled that I took the exam again and improved my score by +30 points. I'm going to...
  18. J

    Application for Residencies/Fellowships for MD/DO

    Hello SDN community, I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to what I should be accomplishing in medical school to get a decent chance at residencies and eventually fellowships to spaces such as CT Surg. I going to be in medical school (most likely DO, but we'll cross our fingers and...
  19. P

    Impact of a Retake Examination on Residency Match

    A few weeks ago, I had the misfortune of missing an examination in my first year of Medical School. My alarm malfunctioned that night and somehow reset itself in the middle of the night. I could not prove to the school's administration that I had a malfunction with my alarm, but regardless I...
  20. OdysseusMD

    An unexpected but exciting prospect: From Surgery to Pediatrics?

    Hey guys, So, I'm applying this September (2017) for the Match. For the longest time I was interested in Surgery and Surgery only (with the hope of subspecializing in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery or General Pediatric Surgery). Nevertheless, as the next Match season approaches, I'm finding myself...
  21. purpleortholady

    Are personal-statement-creation agencies worth the extra buck?

    I'm an IMG and I don't have a clue as to what a personal statement should look like as I've never had to write one. I've read a few tips on what a personal statement should be like, but I still feel I'll need tons of help in this area. The sort of money some of the agencies that claim to help...
  22. ModernAlchemist

    LOR: Clinical Instructor vs. Assistant Professor

    Hello SDN! Been a long time since I've signed in, but I have a conundrum. I am in the process of getting letters of rec squared away and I just found out that one of my letter writers has the title of "clinical instructor". I thought that this person was an assistant professor. I rotated for a...
  23. acnelson13

    Perio Residencies

    Hey all, I'm applying to Perio this summer 2016 to (hopefully) start in summer of 2017. There are lots of threads on here about residencies from '06 or '07 and I wanted to know some more current/up-to-date info about various perio residencies around the nation. Which programs are heavy...
  24. F

    T minus 2 days

    NBME CBSE coming soon in 2 days.... Any last minute tips? Any fellow comrades?
  25. chompsss

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Navy/Army/Air Force OMS Thread - 2016 Update

    There are a couple previous threads dedicated to this, but they are fairly outdated (about 7 years old). Granted, I know maybe not a TON has changed in 7 years, but let's not assume that there have not been changes. I'm hopefully looking for responses from people who have A) applied to these...
  26. D

    Advertisement Painless Personal Statement ebook

    Introducing the only guide you will need for writing personal statements specifically intended for medical professionals step-by-step instructions from topic development through final editing clear, concise, and easy to read For a limited time, only $20 ($50 value). Order Here
  27. U

    Update on University of Washington Resident Contract Negotiations

    As representatives of Residents and Fellows at the University of Washington, we wanted to provide some clarification regarding the ongoing negotiation process between Residents and the University. We have received many questions from applicants and created this informational post to let you...
  28. D

    MS4 Scheduling Advice for Applying into Neurology

    I am an MS3 at a top 20 US med school and have to make my schedule for the coming year soon. I have perused the existing threads and found info for other situations/specialties, so I thought I'd post and see if anyone has advice specific to my situation. Questions I have: 1) When should I take...
  29. jamiedrew

    Family medicine in Puerto Rico?

    Hi all! I'm a 3rd year med student thinking I will apply to family medicine next year - I'm very much thinking of applying to the Puerto Rico programs, there are 4 it seems on AAFP and I was wondering what everyone's experience has been applying/interviewing/doing residency at any number of...
  30. MemberX

    Transitional Year

    Hello friends and (future) colleagues, I am current applying for Neuro & prelim residencies. I have also received a few invitations for Transitional Year interviews. I was wondering if TY are allowed for most Neuro residencies? I have heard conflicting things so just want to get people's...
  31. M

    US Neurosurgery Matching for an IMG?

    Hi all, I'm sure this question has been asked ad nauseam on this forum, but I felt it would be better to ask it from my personal situation instead of trawling through several somewhat related questions. I am a second-year medical student at the University of Cambridge. For those of you who...
  32. robin911

    discrepancy between med school admission and residency admission?

    Yesterday my PI, boss, mentor, an MD-PhD was speaking to a current MS Y4 student who is applying for residencies and me. The MS Y4 stated that she had the exact same application for medical school that she did for residency. For both, she discussed a love for research and passion to become an...
  33. O

    Out of med school need help

    I completed med school in india. I had a few back logs does it have any effect on getting into residency.or do they only check the usmle step scores.I got 232 in my step 1
  34. Tony MD

    When you apply to Harvard's residency, you keep the name "Harvard" or the MGH name?

    I mean, when you apply to Harvard, you receive a certificate from HARVARD or from Massachusetts General Hospital? 'Cause I know that Derm and plastics do actually keep the name Harvard in the program name, but seems that isn't for every specialty. If someone apply to Harvard in Cardiology for...
  35. J

    Do I have a chance to match in Gen Surgery? (IMG)

    Hi, I am an IMG. Recently I got my Step 1 score and I blew it. (I got low 240s). Is there any chance, any chance at all, for me to match to gen surgery residency in mid tier program? Do you have any advice for what should I do next?
  36. UCA2390

    Residency Fairs: Networking Strategies

    As a medical student- what is the best way to go about the residency fairs at ACEP and SAEM? Any tips? How to stand out (in a good way) and how NOT to stand out (in a bad way)? Network? Can this help me to get away rotations when I apply for 4th year? Appropriate vs inappropriate questions to...
  37. R

    DO Student Scholars Program--Impact on Residency Apps

    Anyone have insight or experience participating in a student scholars program at their DO school? (Essentially being a paid student teacher/researcher of OMT for a year between 3rd & 4th year rotations. The school pays 3rd year tuition for you in addition to salary for that year.) The school...