Which Schools Should a Reapplicant Apply to?

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Jun 1, 2020
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Hello SDN community. I would appreciate any advice on appropriate schools to apply to this cycle. This is my second time applying. Last year, I don't think I applied to enough realistic schools, but I also didn’t return my secondaries in a timely manner. I received one interview invitation, to my top choice at UC Davis. (I believe this is largely due to turning in their secondary application within 2 weeks. Most other secondaries I turned in 1-4 months later. It took me a long time to process some events from an unusual childhood. Luckily, I got through most of these memories while writing secondaries last year.)

I currently work as a healthcare admin managing the referral program (for both clinical and social service referrals) at a free clinic. I care deeply about serving socioeconomically disadvantaged patients. I received FAP and qualified as a Disadvantaged Student last year. My FAP is still being processed, but I expect to qualify again this year. I graduated from college in 2017, currently 25 years old.
  • cGPA: 3.70, sGPA: 3.64
    • General upward trend.
    • Didn’t start pre-med courses until the beginning of sophomore year. I have a significant grade drop (2.70 gpa) during the summer quarter before sophomore year when my mom became disabled then bankrupt.
  • MCAT: 1st attempt 501 (124/126/125/126), 2nd attempt 506 (126/123/127/130)
  • State of Residence: California (past 3 years), but born & raised in Washington state.
  • Ethnicity: Korean, female
  • Languages: English, Korean, little Spanish
  • Undergraduate institution: University of Washington, Bothell campus
  • Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry
  • Shadowing: (221 total hours. Underlined experiences are clinical)
    • Family/Internal Medicine (197 hours), Direct Primary Care (14 hours), OB/GYN (3 hours), Spine Surgeon (6 hours), Psychiatry (1 hour)
  • Volunteer Work:
    • (Clinical) Volunteer Screener for vitals at Free Clinic (227 hours)
    • (Non-clinical) Scheduling Coordinator at FQHC clinic (219 hours)
  • Paid Employment:
    • Clinic Admin: Project Manager for the referral program (both clinical and social service referrals) at a free clinic (full time 40 hours/week since November 2019. Currently at 960 hours). I’m also the Marketing Manager at the clinic (In charge of Social Media, informational flyers, video editing, etc.) but it’s only about 10% of my job.
    • Scribe at internal & family medicine clinics (189 hours)
    • Front desk clerk at family-run motel (12,000+ hours, worked from age 13-19, never actually paid)
    • Gen Chem TA, Pilot program (468 hours)
    • Private tutor in Genetics (29 hours)
    • Grader in Genetics (39 hours)
    • Grader in upper-division Neurobiology class (20 hours)
  • Leadership
    • Secretary & Founding Member of Pre-Health Society (516 hours)
    • Outreach Director for Philanthropy Club (320 hours)
    • Planning Committee Member: MLK Time of Service (35 hours)
  • Research:
    • Research Assistant for Published Chemistry Lab Manual (108 hours)
    • Research while Studying Abroad (1 month): Primate species density and behavior in Peruvian Amazon Rainforest (35 hours). Not Published.
    • Undergraduate Research Assistant: Plant Biology (192 hours). Not Published.
  • Extracurriculars/Hobbies:
    • Studied abroad in Japan (1 month): Opportunities & Impact of Nuclear Energy
    • Helped plan a food insecurity screening at my clinic, but it didn’t get implemented because of COVID-19.
    • Indoor rock climbing since Nov. 2019
  • Honors:
    • I got a 25% raise 2 months into my current admin job. My probationary period also ended early (3 months to 1.5).
    • Cum Laude & 4 years Dean’s list (except the summer quarter before sophomore year)
    • My University’s Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient in 2016
    • Mentioned in acknowledgments of Chemistry Lab Manual I was a research assistant for.
Current List: Will be a reapplicant to schools with *
  • UC Davis* Only Interview last year
  • UC Irvine *
  • UC Riverside*
  • UCLA Charles R. Drew
  • Kaiser Permanente*
  • CalMed
  • Nova MD
  • Rosalind
  • Beaumont
  • Loyola
  • Morehouse
  • Penn State
  • GW
  • Seton Hall
  • NYMC
  • Albany
  • SLU
  • Wayne
  • Washington State
  • UW*
  • Rowan
  • Wright State
  • Toledo

  • DMU
  • COMP
  • KCU
  • Rocky Vista
  • Touro CA


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Feb 14, 2020
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UW looks favorably at reapplicants and non-trad (and you're both which is great!), but I'm a little confused about your residency status due to UW's huge preference for IS. Did you apply in-region last year or OOR? However, even if you are OOR, I think you could fit UW's mission statement well with your work with disadvantaged patients and connection to WA.

I interviewed at KP this year, but I can't tell you if they look at reapplicants favorably since they're a new school. However, from what I know, they have taken a lot of high-stat applicants (most of the people who were accepted this year-at least the ones on SDN-were high stats and debating between KP vs. T10 schools). I would still encourage you to give KP a shot, due to your wide range of experiences (not to mention who can turn down free tuition).

What about adding schools like Howard and Meharry on your list? I think your work with disadvantaged populations would be in line with their mission statements. And PNWU would also work on the DO end since it's in WA. CUSOM would also be good for DO.
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Sep 15, 2012
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You could add these MD schools:
George Washington
Medical College Wisconsin
Also add more DO schools such as PNWU-COM, AZCOM, TUNCOM and MU-COM.