Which schools should I choose?

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Hello! I jsut got invited an interview for Pharmacy schools.
Mercer Univ, Campbell, St. John fisher online pathway. Texas tech,
By the way, is it hard to get a job if you fisnih online degree as PharmD in online?
I am still deciding. I live in Charlotte but I did not get invited for an interview in Wingate Pharmacy program, which was very sad!! My main favorite choice was Wingate because it's in Charlotte and I did not want to move.
Shoud I just go to online pathway?
Can someone please give me some advice for the schools. I appreciate it.

Any thoughts of thoses schools...?

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Do not go to pharmacy school. PA, nursing, dental, med school are much better option. You will not find a job as a pharmacist. Job market is so saturated that people are willing to work for free just to get their foot through the door. I made a poll about new grads finding jobs. Almost half have said they haven't found ANYTHING since graduating in 2020. By the time you graduate, pharmacist salary would be cut to less than $50k. The controlling entities such as CVS's goal is to pay pharmacists the same amount as technicians if not less.

Before you decide what to do, make sure you understand what PBMs are and how it's killing the profession and there is nothing you can do about it. If you still think it is okay for you to go pharmacy school then you're part of the problem. So stop it. Find another career.
None of the above schools. Find a different career path that’s actually viable.
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I think all of these schools you listed are private, which is really a mistake because they are going to be SO expensive unless you can opt to not take out loans/pay out of pocket. Do you have any other options? I have 2 great friends that came from Mercer so I know that's a great school but I'd start looking at my return on investment which some of the previous posters are describing for you in full detail.
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Moving to pharmacy-school specific discussions as other current students may be able to simply speak of their own experiences pertaining to location / academics / professors.

If you choose this career path in this day and age, I can only state the following in picking a program:

1) Regional Accreditation (not national / pending / pre-candidate status)
2) NAPLEX pass rate
3) Cost

As for the PharmD online programs, you would still be required to move on to the campus grounds for at least a few weeks out of the year to fulfill the lab portions associated with the your institute of choice. With the current pandemic though, the lab portions may be virtual as well for the time being.

Online programs are no gate-keepers for job placement. You'd be wise working as an intern while in school (You may be required to have an intern license in the state of your online program but you'll definitely need another license to work part time in your current state). For further information about the interview process of each school check the following link: Navigating SDN - School Locator with Specific Interview Advice | Student Doctor Network

If you wish to understand the details of job placement / salary for pharmacists these days, then see the following:

Job Saturation: Is Pharmacy Worth It? Here's What You Need to Know | Student Doctor Network

Job Market | Student Doctor Network
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