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Feb 22, 2006
Hello, I had a question about Pharmacy prereqs.

When a pharmacy school gives you a choice of classes to satisfy prereq classes, do they automatically use the classes with higher grades? For example, if they say 'General Psychology or Sociology', and if you have taken both classes, and you did better in Sociology, how do you make sure that the pharmacy schools would use the Soc class instead of Psychology to calculate the prereq GPA?

Thanks in advance!
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Jul 1, 2006
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as always, it depends on the school.

I know some schools, you have to fill out a sheet as part of their supplemental application of what classes you took, what quarter/semester, and what your grade was. Depending on how a school organizes the sheet, you can choose which class satisfies their requirement.

if their supplemental app isn't set up like that, then you should call and ask the schools that you are applying to.